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Ed "Russ" Pickhardt

Ed grew up with his brother Eugene in Englewood, NJ.  He lived in Illinois for a time where his first daughter was born, but New Jersey has always been his home.  Ed lives in New Jersey now where he cherishes time spent with his three grown children and three grandchildren.  Ed is very involved as an actor and a writer for the theatre program at his church, and he has worked on several film projects.  

Ed has always been a writer, filling numerous folders with short stories and reflective essays over the years.  Now retired after a successful career in sales, Ed has finally been able to make writing, which had just been a hobby, into his second full time career. 

At present, Ed is working on his many other short stories and essays in the hopes of publishing them as a collection in the near future. He is also beginning to write a Dusty sequel, which he hopes will take Dusty and his Family on an even greater adventure.